Tigers by the numbers

Fayetteville High School Tigers continue to look for their first win of the season after dropping a 55-0 road trip to the region leading Cornersville.

The Bulldogs jumped on FHS early up 35-0 at the end of the first quarter. It was 42-0 at the break.

Injuries continue to cripple the Tigers down to a roster of 20 players dressed.

Offense: The Tigers finished with 51 yards of offense all coming on the ground

Rushing: Akaikua McMullen, 9 carries for 48 yards; Zayshon Pullen 7 for 10 yards; Jaden Hadley, 8 for 4 yards; Levi Sloan, 2 for -11 yards.

Passing: Zayshon Pullen, 0 of 4 attempts with 2 interceptions; Levi Sloan, 0 of 5 attempts with 2 interceptions.

Defense: FHS gave up 374 total yards with 309 coming on the ground and 65 in the air. Jaden Hadley finished with 2.5 tackles; Akaikua McMullen, 2; Jaylen Williams, 1.5; Montez Pullen, 1; Aubre Brown, 1; KeVonte Thomison, 1; Jalen Buchanan, .5; Dylan Hobbs, .5

First Downs: FHS 3; Bulldogs, 16

Turnovers: Tigers, 5; Cornersville, 1

Punts: Eli Young, 5 attempts for 86 yards for a 17 yards average

Kick Return: Tae Foxx, 2 returns for 34 yards; Akaikua McMullen, 2 for 25 yards; Montez Pullen 1 for 15 yards; Carian Cash, 1 for 4 yards; Jaden Hadley, 1 for 4 yards.

This week Fayetteville's schedule doesn't get any easier playing up on the road to 6-A Warren Co. Kick off is at 7 p.m.