LCHS wins District 8-AAA Doubles Championships

Lincoln County High School's tennis team continues to make their mark in District 8-AAA tournament play. This years tournament was held at the University of the South at Sewanee on Friday and Saturday of last week.

LCHS swept the doubles action. The team of Lucy Higgins and Julia Marsh captured the title for their second consecutive year. On the boys side Evan Pollard and Caden Teesateskie took the doubles championship.

Julia Marsh, Evan Pollard and Caden Teesateskie received All District honors. Lucy Higgins was named District 8-AAA MVP for the 2nd consecutive year.

The wins advance Lincoln County High School to Region 4 Tournament action for the 11th consecutive year. Higgins/Marsh and Pollard/Teesateskie will compete at Old Fort Park May 13 in Murfreesboro.

This week the Falcons travel to Marshall Co. on Monday and the Lady Falcons host Shelbyville for the team semifinals. Match times are at 4 p.m.

Boys Varsity Singles - First Round

Trey Gaylen lost to Jose Lopez Shelbyville 7-9; Jake Hall lost to 1 seed Benedict Edinger Coffee Co 1-8 (Edinger went on to win the title)

Girls Varsity Singles - First Round

Claire Mullins won 8-4 over Carlie Mullins Lincoln Co

Girls Varsity Singles - Second Round

Claire Mullins lost 2-8 to top seed Alexis Hooten Marshall Co (who finished runner up)

Boys Doubles - First Round

Sam Robinson/Tripp Foster lost 1-8 to Nic Zemecki/Jackson Clemons, Tullahoma

Two seed Caden Teesateskie/Evan Pollard won 8-1 Patterson/Rohling, Columbia

Boys Doubles - Second Round

Pollard/Teesateskie won 8-1over Jackson Ashby/Armando Montes, Franklin Co

Boys Doubles - Semifinals

Pollard/Teesateskie won 7-5, 7-5 over Jonah Rollman/Jonathan Welch, Coffee Co

Boys Doubles - Finals

The two seed Pollard/Teesateskie won 7-5, 6-1 over Jackson Ackels/Carson Boyd, Marshall Co

Girls Doubles - First Round

Lili Sandoval/Whitley Smith lost 3-8 to Elizabeth Lawson/Macey Bowman, Tullahoma

One seed Lucy Higgins/Julia Marsh won 8-0 Mary Beth Mitchell/Joanna Riveria, Shelbyville

Girls Doubles - Second Round

Higgins/Marsh won 8-1 Sara Brown/Reana Brown, Lawrence Co

Girls Doubles - Semifinals

Higgins/Marsh won 6-1, 6-0 over Batlie Elzeer/Wren Lawson, Coffee Co

Girls Doubles - Finals

Higgins Marsh won 6-2, 6-0 over Reece Michel/AC Moses, Marshall Co

JV Boys - First Round

Jacob Thrasher won 4-0, Greenley, Lawrence Co; Luke Robinson lost 1-4, Collazo, Shelbyville; Curtis Felver lost 1-4, Brown, Coffee Co; Jackson Bradford won 4-0, Folver, Coffee Co;

Jesse Whitehead won 4-1, Carson Gay, Lincoln Co; Kobe McCoy won 4-1, Golden, Lawrence Co; Gage Lineberry won 4-0 Law, Franklin Co

JV Boys - Second Round

Thrasher lost 2-4, Ortiz, Shelbyville; Bradford lost 1-4, Brown, Coffee Co; Lineberry lost 2-4, Coussens, Tullahoma; Whitehead won 5-3, Hurt, Marshall Co; McCoy lost 4-5 McGee Tullahoma (JV runner up)

JV Boys - Quarterfinals

Whitehead lost 2-4 McGee Tullahoma (JV runner up)

JV Girls - First round

Emma Womble won 4-0. Abbie Grace Mashburn, Lincoln Co; Janna Holland won 5-3. Childress, Marshall Co; Calee Gentry won 4-0, Lankford, Coffee Co; Emma Fraley lost 2-4 Vasquez Shelbyville; McKenna Morris won 4-1, Lawrence Co; Camille Erwin lost 1-4. Reed Shelbyville; Adriana Castillo won 4-0. Navarrette Shelbyville; Jenna Counts won McGrill Giles Co 4-0

JV Girls - Second Round

Womble lost 4-5, Lawrence, Coffee Co; Holland Lost 3-5, Lawson, Tullahoma; Gentry won 4-0,Tankersly, Lawrence Co; Morris lost 1-4, Reed, Shelbyville; Castillo won 4-2, Tepedino, Marshall Co; Counts won 4-1, Whitsett, Giles Co

JV Girls -Third Round

Gentry lost 2-4, Moore, Lawrence Co; Castillo won 4-1, Counts, Lincoln Co;

JV Girls - Quarterfinals

Castillo lost 2-4, Lauvourn, Sehlbyville (JV runner up)