Lincoln County's Lady Falcon tennis went 2-1 last week picking up their first loss of the season. Friday the ladies won at home over Giles Co, 5-2 but loss to Marshall Co. on the road Tuesday 3-4 after defeating Coffee Co.., 5-2 on the road Monday.

The ladies are now 10-1

Giles Co.

Individuals: Lucy Higgins, 8-0; Julia Marsh, 8-0; Carlie Mullins, 8-0; Liliana Sandovall, 8-4; Emma Womble, 8-0.

Doubles: Morris/Sandoval, 6-8; Counts/Erwin, 6-8.

Marshall Co.

Individuals: Lucy Higgins, 8-1; Julia Marsh, 5-8; Claire Mullins, 8-9; Carlie Mullins, 4-8; Chloe Bridge, 8-4.

Doubles: Higgins/Marsh, 8-2; Mullins/Bridge, 2-8

Coffee Co.

Individuals: Lucy Higgins, 8-4; Julia Marsh, 8-1; Claire Mullins, 4-8; Carlie Mullins, 8-4; Chloe Bridge, 8-1.

Doubles: Higgins/Marsh 8-0; Mullins/Bridge, 0-8

Falcon Tennis went 1-2 in action last week. Thursdays game was moved to Wednesday due to weather and the Falcons won at home over Giles Co. 7-0; Tuesday they lost on the road to Marshall Co., 2-5 after dropping a 2-5 decision on the road Monday at Coffee Co.

The Falcons record now stands at 9-3.

Giles Co.

Individuals: Evan Pollard, 8-0; Caden Teesateskie, 8-0; Jake Hall, 8-0; Trey Galyen, 8-0; Jose Ruiz, 8-0.

Doubles: Hall/Teesateskie, 8-0; Whitehead/ McMullen, 8-0.

Marshall Co

Individuals: Evan Pollard, 8-5; Jake Hall, 3-8; Caden Teesateskie, 8-4; Sam Robinson, 6-8; Trey Galyen, 3-8.

Doubles: Pollard/Teesateskie, 8-9; Hall Robinson, 4-8.

Coffee Co.

Individuals: Evan Pollard, 3-8; Caden Teesateskie, 1-8; Jake Hall, 7-0; Sam Robinson, 9-8; Trey Galyen, 8-6.

Doubles: Pollard/Teesateskie, 7-9; Hall/Robinson, 8-9

This Week: The coaches meet on Monday to establish seeding for the District Tournament that is played Friday and Saturday at Sewanee University. Times are yet to be determined.