Spring Sports have Sprung - so it's Snowing!

Well ...... after record breaking high temp's in January and February it's time for Spring sports to kick off! But in usual Tennessee weather fashion there's a cold north wind and snow in the forecast! Gonna be a run on propane gas and heaters!

One thing for sure living in this great state - if you don't like the weather today just wait cause it'll change in the blink of and eye - hopefully to conditions more suitable for Spring Sports!

With the change of seasons the audience for the site changes. That's one thing I'm proud to do - covering a variety of sports throughout the school year keeps more of the community involved in local athletics.

Obviously the sight has evolved from the previous version.  For nearly a decade the old pmhsports.com website served us well! This is the third design used in the sites 15 year history and I appreciate everyone's support through the transition.

The site navigates from the drop downs just over the banner above - different than the way each event was loaded on the front page of the old site. I went ahead an set up most of the teams I'll be covering - as the games happen I'll be adding stories and photo's. Every time you log on this is the first page you'll see - then you'll navigate from here!

I ask for your patience as we continue to add content and make developmental changes - it's a work in progress. But the plan is to continue to support athletics in the community and the site's growth to continue!

Thank you!



Fayetteville High School

Fayetteville High School is located at 1800 Wilson Parkway in Fayetteville, TN. The school originally opened in 1968 as a junior high. In 2010 they made the move to a high school. They are a TSSAA member of District 9-A and Class A in football.       Phone: (931) 433-3158

Lincoln County High School

Lincoln County High School is located at 1233 Huntsville Highway in Fayetteville, TN. It was established with the consolidation of Central, Flintville, Blanche and Boonshill High School in 1979. They are a member of TSSAA District 8-AAA and Class 5A in football. Phone: (931) 433-6505


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