Falcon Football Alumni Challange!

In an effort to keep the glory days of Falcon Football alive at Lincoln County High School and raise a little money while doing it a challenge has been issued by Coach Don Thomas and the Falcon Football Club to Franklin Co. and Hazel Green.
"We're challenging them to a full contact alumni game," Coach Thomas said.

Saving Images

Best way to save images! Enjoy!

Welcome to pmhsports.com

Welcome to pmhsports.com - Mother nature has not been kind to Spring Sports but the season is underway! Games are backed up and rescheduled, some numerous times! I apologize for the confusion!

Tiger Baseball wins two!

Lady Tiger Softball splits in weeks action

Fayetteville High School's Lady Tiger softball split in road trip action last week. Tuesday the ladies won at Community, 4-3.

Tiger Basketball adds ink to record books!

Fayetteville High School's Tigers season came to and end in the first round of region tournament action. But FHS finished with a successful 23-5 record winning the District 9-A regular season. But down the stretch injuries came at crucial times.
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